Golf lesson Rates

Instructor PGA Pro Dan Walker

About the PGA Pro

Individual Lessons

1/2 Hr Lesson $60
1 Hr Lesson $100

Individual Lesson Packages
5 lessons for the price of 4

1/2 Hr Lessons $240
1 Hr Lessons $400

Couples Lessons
two adults or parent/child

1/2 Hr Lesson $50
1 Hr Lesson $80

Individual Jr. Lessons
Age 12 - 17

1/2 Hr Lesson $30

Individual Jr. Lessons
Age 7 - 11 (must be accompanied by adult)

1/2 Hr Lesson $25

FDL Enrollee lesson rates available
Call Dan at 218-878-2485 for details.

Dedicated Golfer Package

10 Half-hour video sessions

Includes video instruction and a specialized fitting with our Zelocity Launch Monitor. We have the ability to measure: Ball Velocity, Club Head Speed, Carry/Total Distance, Power Transfer Ratio %, Launch Angle, Total Spin, Deviation, Angle of Descent, Angle of Approach, Side Spin, Club Face Angle, Tempo, Azimuth, Swing Path, Dynamic Loft, Shot Type, Trajectory Graphics, Club Acceleration and Deceleration. This program is designed for the dedicated golfer that would like to improve all aspects of their game.